CDs with Elizabeth Hopkins

Ludwig van Beethoven

Complete Sonatas for Piano and Violin,
with Introduction

Elizabeth Hopkins, Piano and Introduction
Boris Kucharsky, Violin

Vol. 1                                                               Vol. 2
3 Sonatas Op. 12 (Double-CD)                       Sonatas Op. 23 and Op. 24 (“Spring Sonata”)

Vol. 3                                                                Vol.4
3 Sonatas Op. 30 (Double-CD)                        Sonatas Op. 47 (“Kreutzer Sonata”) and Op. 96 (Double-CD)


“Fresh and vital, with cultivated emotion and a technically perfected regard of detail, the recording captivates in virtuoso brilliance and a wealth of colour.” (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

“Elizabeth Hopkins is a brilliant pianist and her partner, the Menuhin protégé Boris Kucharsky, equally as good, piano and violin being exceptionally well attuned to each other. ........ A completely convincing interpretation, the more so for having such a feeling for the sound of the work.” (Ensemble Magazine)

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